About Us

We are a group of Australian Shepherd fanciers in Eastern Canada.  Our goal in creating this club is to eventually become an affiliate ASCA club but along the way we hope to educate the public about this wonderful and versatile breed! 
Our members have aussies that compete in various activities including conformation, obedience, rally o, herding, therapy work, drafting, tracking and agility. 

 Our Mission Statement

The Australian Shepherd Club of Eastern Canada (ASCEC), in an effort to achieve the goals stated in the Bylaws, declares the following to be a Mission Statement for the Club:

The Australian Shepherd Club of Eastern Canada is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the responsible breeding, good sportsmanship and training of purebred  Australian Shepherds.

The Australian Shepherd Club of  Eastern Canada is dedicated to the preservation of the Australian Shepherd as an intelligent working dog of strong herding and guardian instincts.  Innovative programs showcasing the breed and providing expanded opportunities for competition are part of ASCEC's  service to the breed.

Through education ASCEC will promote an atmosphere of good sportsmanship, volunteerism and responsibility for the breed and the breed image to the public.  ASCEC will strive, through ASCA competition and participation, to showcase the versatility of the Australian Shepherd.

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